Soothing Aromatic Serum No 6


Aromatic Serum specifically for menopausal, post menopausal or senior ageing skins.

SIZE: 25ml

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A potent aromatic serum with a rejuvenating synergy of essential oils to support and reinforce menopausal and post-menopausal skin; lipid rich botanical oils nourish and nurture oil depleted skin helping to give skin a refreshed appearance.

Menopausal, post menopausal or senior ageing skin.


This specialist formulation supports the needs of post-menopausal skin experiencing loss of lipids, elasticity and texture.
Nurturing botanicals offer intensive moisturisation benefits.
A synergy of essential oils condition and reinforce the skin promoting a refreshed
skin appearance.


Gently smooth 3 drops over face and neck. Continue with suitable moisturiser.

Key Ingredients

Galbanum intensively supports ageing skin with regenerative properties to encourage a more tonified appearance.
Patchouli conditions the epidermal layers, reducing the signs of ageing and boosting reparative actions.
Clary Sage tones and conditions the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and offer strengthening effects.
Rosewood assists with cell renewal and tissue regeneration and is known to help and comfort the emotions of menopausal and post-menopausal clients experiencing anxiety and low mood.

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