ThermaVisage RF Pro



Radio Frequency (RF), Vacuum Suction & Chromatherapy


A 3-in-1 system to improve facial features and well as body contouring. When combined these 3 elements provide the ultimate advanced procedures for anti-ageing and body shaping. 

The ThermaVisage RF Pro contains Radio Frequency (RF), Vacuum Suction and Chromatherapy. RF generates gentle heat deep in the skin that in turn helps contract muscle fibres and produce more collagen. Vacuum suction allows detoxification and remodelling of the features and Chromatherapy enhances the effects of the treatment.

By increasing the temperature of the existing connective tissue and by activating the fibroblast cells by means of heat to produce new collagen and new elastic, the wrinkles and signs of ageing are smoothed, giving the a completely natural lifting effect.

The main purpose of using vacuum suction in a face or body treatment is to improve both lymph and blood circulatory systems in order to aid the removal of waste products and excess fluid. It can also assist in breaking down hard fat. 


Face treatment includes an enzymatic exfoliating mask & EGF or Hyaluronic Acid serum/ampoule with a lifting facial massage.

Single Treatment for Face and Neck £97

Course of 6 £497

Body treatment includes an exfoliation and massage with Environ Body Profile + ACE Oil

Single Body Area Treatment £72

Course of 10 £648

Dermalux Broadstairs
General Benefits and Effects of Vacuum Suction
  • Vacuum produces erythema and increases desquamation
  • The metabolism is stimulated
  • Vascular and lymphatic flow is increased
  • An increase in circulation nourishes the skin and muscles
  • Vacuum reduces puffiness and swelling due to poor circulation
  • Hastens the removal of fatty cells in conjunction with a reduction diet
Specific Uses for the Body
  • Helps to reduce heavy hips and thighs
  • Abdominal and midriff bulge-especially after pregnancy
  • Heavy upper arms
  • Subcutaneous fat on back and over the shoulders
  • Large buttocks or which are out of proportion to the rest of the body
  • The appearance of cellulite can be greatly improved
  • Helps to treat areas of tissue fluid known as oedema
Specific Uses for the Face


  • Helps as a cleansing action in order to eliminate impurities, sebum and makeup from the skin
  • To increase lymphatic circulation and enhance skin respiration
  • To improve the skin’s appearance and help to plump out fine lines
  • To help loosen and remove blackheads
  • To promote the activity of the sebaceous glands in dry areas