DMK Enzyme Therapy


DMK Enzyme Therapy



Your Journey to Great Skin

We believe that better skin leads to a better life.

We believe in creating confidence.

We believe a beautiful day starts with beautiful skin.

We believe in being the best version of yourself and smiling at the reflection in the mirror.

We believe that everyone deserves great skin.

We believe in giving you the skin you dream of and we believe in happy skin.

The DMK system has three sophisticated enzyme formulas sophisticated which act as hormone-like messengers to provide an immediate response within the skin. As a result, the DMK enzymatic formulas provide truly effective skin revision, enabling optimal cellular function which is key to a youthful, healthy skin.

Can be used for treatment of: Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles and Fine lines.





Enzymes are nature’s biological catalysts. They effectively:

• Hydrolyse dead cells

• Increase oxygenation

• Boost cellular energy and activity

• Encourage new collagen and elastin formulation

• Flush out cellular waste and debris


DMK Muscle Banding treatments incorporate all three enzymes masks which are highly effective in repairing and strengthening skin tissue. They also contain potent antioxidants to fight the harmful effects of free radicals that cause premature ageing.

This treatment is specifically designed to:

• Progressively strengthen the facial muscles

• Strengthen fragile capillaries

• Help reverse the signs of ageing

True oxygen therapy begins inside the skin and the DMK Enzyme Treatments are well known for their plasmatic oxygen-enriching abilities. The DMK concept of skin revision provides the energy, nutrition and support cells need to regenerate healthy, vibrant skin.







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What is DMK's Plasmatic effect

DMK’s Enzyme Therapy provides the incredible world-renowned Plasmatic Effect®. The visible network of dilated capillaries delivers oxygen and nutrients into the skin. At the same time the lymphatic system flushes away impurities and cellular waste, leaving behind a clean, clear matrix, renewed energy in the cells and a vibrant complexion. The Plasmatic Effect® is a rebalancing of fluids the tissue once the Enzyme Mask is removed. This effect typically fades within 10-15 mins once homeostasis of fluids has been achieved.


Enzyme #1 £125

Enzyme#1,2,3 (muscle banding) £152