Skin Analysis

My skin clinic uses the MEICET Digital Skin Analysis System, which delivers a significantly improved experience for aesthetic and skincare consultations.
By using the skin analyser, we are able to analyse and provide a bespoke skincare plan to help achieve your aesthetic goals.

The complexity of the skin extends beyond what is visible to the human eye. Numerous conditions originate deep within its layers, making accurate diagnosis challenging without technological assistance. The Meicet skin analyser utilises patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology to uncover these conditions, even in their early stages of development.

We harness the power of this advanced technology to conduct a professional analysis of your skin, gaining insights into your specific skin concerns. This helps to reveal any damage and signs of ageing both on and beneath the surface of the skin, which the human eye may miss.

It works by taking images of your face from three different angles – not only helping you to see what is happening now but also means you can accurately review how your treatment results are progressing over time.

This is so we can analyse your skin condition from the superficial level, such as acne spots and blemishes, to any deeper underlying issues, such as UV damage and pigmentation.

Additionally, the MEICET skin analyser can predict your future skin. It produces ageing imaging, which can predict the health of your skin over the next 5-7 years. This provides an incredible insight into your skin and enables us to suggest treatments that will prevent the problems we can see forming from actually happening.

Why should I have my skin analysed?

Having your skin analysed by the MEICET skin analyser will help us tailor your treatment plan to meet your individual skin needs. The diagnosed concerns will be targeted with effective treatments, and a thorough understanding of your skin enables us to recommend the most effective home-care regime for you to optimise your results.

Will I be able to see the diagnosed conditions?

The MEICET skin analyser uses skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology to reveal what is hidden within the skin. Its findings are displayed digitally so that, in essence, you can see what it sees.

What does the MEICET skin analyser measure?

Our in-depth skin analysis will examine:

Wrinkles and fine lines, including the ones you can’t yet see
The sebum (oil) content of your skin, which is a cause of acne
Pigmentation, including sun damage, melasma and age spots
Skin sensitivity and facial redness
The size of your pores
The moisture content of your skin
The firmness of your skin
Your skin tone and overall health


The Skin Analysis appointment will be 45-60mins and you will be emailed a report of the findings.

Cost: £50

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