Are you considering an advanced skin treatment like Microneedling, Radio Frequency Microneedling, or HIFU? Before diving into these procedures, it’s important to prepare your skin properly to ensure the best possible results. Whether you choose to do it at home or in our clinic, proper skin preparation is key. We understand the importance of healthy skin and offer DMK Enzyme Therapy and bespoke facials to get your skin in top shape. But there are also steps you can take at home, such as incorporating DMK EFA+ supplements and AlumierMD Prep & Enhance products into your routine.


Why Pre-Treatment Skin Preparation Matters

Preparing your skin before any advanced skin treatments is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity for achieving the best outcomes. Think of your skin as a canvas – the smoother and healthier it is, the better the end result of the masterpiece, or in this case, treatment. 

Skin that is well-prepared absorbs products more effectively, making treatments like Microneedling, Radio Frequency Microneedling, or HIFU far more effective. This isn’t just about the immediate effects, either. By ensuring your skin is in its best condition, you’re also helping to facilitate a quicker recovery and minimising the risk of adverse reactions. Whether it’s hydration, elasticity, or the skin’s overall resilience, each aspect can be significantly improved with proper preparation. This includes both at-home routines, such as using supplements and targeted skincare products, and in-clinic treatments that can deeply rejuvenate the skin. By investing a little time and effort into preparing your skin, you’re setting the stage for not just a successful treatment, but also for long-lasting, beautiful results.


At-Home Treatments

A foundational step in your at-home preparation involves nurturing your skin from the inside out. DMK EFA+ supplements, created by Danné Montague-King, are brimming with over 190 nutritional ingredients, including Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, and Seabuckthorn Oil. 

These capsules are not just about bolstering the strength of your skin, hair, and nails; they also play a pivotal role in enhancing overall health by strengthening immunity, lowering blood pressure, and regulating cholesterol levels. Incorporating these supplements into your daily routine can significantly impact your skin’s readiness for treatment. DMK supplements can be purchased directly from Louise here

On the topical front, the AlumierMD Prep & Enhance Rejuvenation kit serves as an excellent primer for your skin. Its meticulously selected ingredients target visible signs of ageing, while skin-strengthening peptides and retinol work together to improve resilience and cell turnover. This, combined with the protection provided by their sunscreen against harmful UV rays, and the infusion of niacinamide and powerful antioxidants, ensures your skin is not only prepared, but also shielded and strengthened.

Similarly, the AlumierMD Prep & Discoloration kit focuses on brightening and targeting skin discolouration. With its unique blend of ingredients, this kit mirrors the rejuvenation kit’s benefits, focusing particularly on improving skin tone and texture, making it an ideal choice for those looking to address specific pigmentation issues ahead of their in-clinic treatments.


In-Clinic Treatments

Transitioning from home-based care to professional in-clinic treatments is a vital step towards achieving your skin health goals. Among the top treatments designed to elevate your skin’s condition is the DMK Enzyme Therapy. This innovative therapy utilises a unique formula that includes three enzyme masks, specifically targeting the repair and strengthening of skin tissue. It’s especially effective for those looking to progressively enhance facial muscle strength, bolster fragile capillaries, and combat the early signs of ageing through its potent antioxidant properties. 

Another choice is our LJC Bespoke Facial, tailored to meet your skin’s specific needs. Depending on your skin’s requirements, this facial combines 2-5 advanced technologies to thoroughly cleanse, firm, tighten, smooth, and hydrate the skin. Available in either 60 or 90-minute sessions, it’s an ideal way to address a variety of skin concerns in a single, luxurious treatment. 


Aftercare: Continuing Skin Care Post-Treatment

After undergoing advanced skin treatments, the journey towards maintaining your newly revitalised skin is paramount. It’s essential to follow a dedicated aftercare regime to ensure the longevity of your treatment results and to support your skin in its recovery process. 

Incorporating gentle, skin-soothing products is key; look for items that are rich in hyaluronic acid and peptides to hydrate and repair the skin effectively. It’s also important to avoid direct sunlight and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to protect the treated areas from potential damage and prevent premature ageing.

In addition to these steps, continue using nourishing supplements like the DMK EFA+ to further support skin health from the inside. Remember, consistency is your friend when it comes to aftercare. 

So, whether you opt for nurturing supplements, tailored facials, or specific kits to prime your skin, remember that the foundation of great results starts with proper preparation and aftercare. All products mentioned are available direct from LJC Advanced Skincare or you can shop the AlumierMD range here. Please do get in touch to book any of the treatments discussed.