Treatment & Price List


Environ Facials

Developed by a prominent plastic surgeon from Cape Town, South Africa who was one of the first to use Vitamin A in high enough doses to ensure a genuine, visible effects on the quality of the skin.

Electro-sonic Essential Treatment 1hr£72

Electro-sonic Essential Treatment 1.5hr£90

Focus – on Treatments 30mins£55

Cool Peel 1hr£90

(Course of 6 treatments £450)


Mesotherapy Skin Treatment

Single treatment for face and neck£219.50/247

BeautifEYE treatment£165

Bio Nutri NECK£164.50/192

A course of 3 treatments for face and neck
including aftercare products£697


eDermastamp Rejuvenation Treatment

Single treatment for face and neck£219.50/247

A course of 3 treatments for face and neck
including aftercare products£697



Course of 10 treatments£495

1 x 20mins Treatment£49.50/55

1 x 10mins Treatment£27.50


Alumier MD Facials

Glow Peel £100

Advanced Glow Peel £120

Radiant Peel £97

Clarifying Treatment £72

Express Luxury Facial £72

Add ons
1. Vitamin A Boost £10

2. Eye Rescue Treatment £10


Focus Dual Facials

HIFU Full Face & Neck £750
HIFU Full Face £600
HIFU Jowl Lift & Neck £500
HIFU Neck £400
HIFU Eye Rejuvenation £400
RFM Full Face & Neck £500
RFM Full Face £400
RFM Jowl Lift & Neck £350
RFM Neck £200
RFM Eye Rejuvenation £175
Packages available during a consultation.











All treatments conducted by 
Louise Clark at her Broadstairs Studio
and Skin Clinic.

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme #1£120

Enzyme# 1,2,3£145


SQT Biomicroneedling

A revolutionary new microneedling treatment.

Revitalising Beauty Set 60mins£160

Resurfacing Repair Set 60mins£200

Anti-ageing Rejuvenation Set£250



LJC Bespoke Facial

A bespoke facial using 2-5 technologies to deep cleanse, firm, tighten, smooth and hydrate the skin







ThermaVisage RF Pro Facial

1 treatment for Face and Neck £97

Course of 6 treatments £497

1 treatment for one Body area £72

Course of 10 treatments £468


MesoLift Pro Facial

1 treatment (without occlusive mask) £60

Course of 10 treatments £540

1 treatment + occlusive mask/Dermalux £84

Course of 10 treatments £756

1 treatment + occlusive mask + Dermalux £96

Course of 10 treatments £864




LJC Signature Facial for 12yrs-19yrs

A bespoke facial designed to deep cleanse, exfoliate and clean the pores of blackheads using an ultrasonic device









Back Massage 30mins£36

Body Massage 60mins£60






10mins £24




Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for any amount and are valid for 6 months.



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