Mesotherpay with Fillmed NCTF135HA


Mesotherapy Skin Treatment

The intensive collagen boosting facial using Fillmed NCTF135HA cocktail.

The ageing process can take its toll on your skin – sun damage and progressive collagen loss can cause the skin to lose its plumpness, elasticity and radiance.

The Mesotherpay Skin treatment helps to build protein chains for healthy collagen and elastin synthesis. A cocktail of skin-loving vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acid and nucleic acids are injected superficially into the skin to feed and strengthen the skin.

  1. Fillmed Light Peel/Bright Peel

A treatment is started with a Light/Bright Peel by Fillmed which helps to prepare the skin for the application of the NCTF135HA serum.

  1. Mesotherapy 

The NCTF135HA is then injected superficially into the epidermis/dermal junction using two methods, Nappage and Nanosoft. Nappage creates thousands of tiny channels in the skin allows for deeper penetration of the NCTF135HA cocktail and provoke a healing response in the skin which results in collagen and elastin production to be stimulated in the treated areas. The end result is firmer, plumper and healthier skin.

The Nanosoft needle will be used on targeted areas such as around the eyes, nasal labia folds and the neck area to hydrate and increase the collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin.

The epidermal/dermal junction is where cell-to-cell communication takes place and  it is where new cell production happens. The cells that contribute towards skin pigmentation, or brown marks, are also located here, which makes this treatment a great way of reducing hyper pigmentation.

The epidermal junction is not very deep in the skin, which means that Mesotherapy can be delivered without causing trauma or pain, and generally doesn’t need to be anaesthetised or ‘numbed’.

  1. Mask and DermaluxLED

Finally a Hyaluronic Acid mask is applied while you lay under the Dermalux TriWaveMD machine.. This 360 degree approach provides the skin with everything it needs to reach maximum skin health and vitality.

Single Treatment for face and neck £248.50

Course of 3 treatments for face and neck £700

BeautifEYE Treatment £165

Bio Nurti NECK £192



All about Mesotherapy


Mesotherapy Story

Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat. Michel Pistor, a doctor in France, developed the technique in 1952. It was originally used to relieve pain.

There are several different methods of delivering skin-rejuvenating and corrective serums and medicines into the skin. Dr Pistor first developed the technique by using a single needle or cannula that contains a channel through which the chosen medicines and compounds could be delivered. This can be thought of as ‘true’ Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy has gained a foothold in the aesthetic and medical beauty sector in recent years and several delivery methods apart from the original cannula have been developed and are now widely used. 

Who's it for?

Taking facial treatments to the next level this powerful, results driven facial is the perfect treatment for skin with visible signs of stress, ageing and sun-damage and is ideal if you’re looking for a radiant, smoother complexion with no pain or downtime

Other benefits of mesotherapy microneedling when combined with FILLMED’s NCTF HA+ serum are

  • Reduced redness
  • Reduction of fine lines and dark circles
  • Deep hydration of the skin
  • Radiant skin tone
  • Improved skin barrier function
  • Reduced pigmentation


The Result

An intensive course of 3-6  Mesotherpay treatments 2-3 weeks apart gives the skin maximum regeneration to reveal fresher, plumper, tighter skin with an improvement in texture and tone. Visible results are seen after one treatment and the most common response after the first treatment is “WOW”! and ‘When can I have another one?’