Aroma Wax Massage Candles Wild Fig and Grape


Hand made from sustainable plant wax and pure natural essential oils.

BURN TIME: approx 40 hrs

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Create a spa experience at home. Indulge yourself with luxury, with our soya-baed aroma candles. Infused with 100% natural essential oils, they will fill your home with the most beautiful scent and you can use the melted wax for massage.


The aromatic scent of Wild Fig and Grape in a 100% plant wax candle. Comes in a glass tumbler and will burn for 40 hours approx. Ideal for any environment requiring aromatic fragrance.

How to Use

Burn the candle to fill the room with a wonderful aromatic scent.
Alternatively using an appropriate spatula, scoop out melted wax from the side of the glass and apply to the hands or feet and massage into the skin.