Marvellous Lamp Burgundy


Contains a beautiful burgundy glass lamp that is sold empty, a funnel, a burner, a crown and a snuffer.
To be used with lamp fragrances.

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Durance modernises an ancestral catalytic lamp process with its marvellous lamp for providing long-term fragrance and cleansing to the inside of your home.

This burgundy catalytic lamp provides a cozy and elegant interior. It will be in harmony with the inside of your home regardless of the type of decor you have. Adorned with its prestigious crown with fine floral motifs, the Marvellous Lamp will be able to adapt to all styles.

The catalytic delivery of fragrance with proven effectiveness*
At the heart of the system, the combined action of the burner and the lamp fragrances with proven effectiveness* developed by Durance, that eliminate bad odours, even the most persistent ones by diffusing a delicate fragrance.
*Independent laboratory test: 6 times less bad odours after 30 minutes of use.

The perfumes
Find the Durance fragrances that are most in-demand for catalytic fragrance lamps. A range of rare fragrances made by our master perfumers from Grasse. Also to be discovered, an anti-odour fragrance collection offering an enhanced and proven action (patent issued) on bad odours such as animal, tobacco and kitchen odours.

Don’t forget to replace your Lamp’s Wick after 100 hours (approx) of burn time – you’ll know it needs replacing if the lamp won’t light.